Wye Heritage Centre

Our origins

Wye Heritage was conceived in 2009, coinciding with the tragic closure of Wye College. In 2011 we were able to open the Heritage Centre in the Medieval Latin School, within the college buildings. Since then we have gone from strength to strength with our membership reaching 240 and a planned expansion to 500 over time. 

From the beginning we were aware that both the Wye Historical Society and the Wye College Agricola Club (wye staff and student alumni association), were looking for a long term ‘home’.  They became enthusiastic founding Corporate members, with us offering them facilities to store and work on their archives.  Since then nine other village based organisations have joined. 

our displays

One of our strengths over the last ten years has been our regularly changing displays covering a wide variety of fascinating topics relating to the village and the college, drawing on our extensive  archives. 

Our new displays are advertised on posters and local social media and draw local residents and former residents to share their experiences and knowledge, ensuring that the archives are accessible and always being updated.  

Last autumn we covered our development from 2009 under the title: ‘Our first ten years’ , now featured in our first blog lost.  Link